Club History

In 1948, four or five camera-buffs got together to exchange information and discuss their work. Within a year, this small group grew to become the New Westminster Colour Photography Club, with more than a dozen members. Their basic interest was in slide making - colour slides were the in-thing then, rather like digital imaging is now.

As more members joined, bigger meeting places were needed. In 1968, membership had climbed to about sixty-five people, meeting in a large assembly room in the Centennial Community Centre. The Club belonged to PSA and NAPA (CAPA's predecessor), as well as the Photographic Council of B.C. and the North-West Council of Camera Clubs, with many of the members winning high-level honours in International Photo Salons. Over the years, the Club has been active in several Vancouver International Salons, and successful slide-essay presentation such as 'Concert in Colour' and 'Footrest'.

In 1993, when the Vancouver Pacific Camera Club disbanded, we were pleased to welcome many of their members to join with us. Our membership numbers have varied over the years; meetings have been held in church halls, in the Seniors' Centres, New Westminster Schools and now Centennial Lodge in Queens Park.

The Club has entered the social media world, and uses that platform to further share our passion, and broaden our community.  We are now the leaders of New West Photography Friends, an online community consisting of Club members and others in the New Westminster area who share the joy of photography.  We use this platform to share images and information, and to host challenges and galleries.

When COVID struck, the membership pulled together and pivoted to Zoom technology to enable us to continue to offer inspiring photographic workshops and to share our passion for photography.

The New Westminster Photography Club is a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and the Arts Council of New Westminster.

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