When and Where?

Unless there is a notice otherwise, our meetings are at the same time and place:


  • Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month, starting at 7:00 pm. [Note the new, earlier, start time]
  • June and December only have meetings on the 1st Tuesday. 
  • There are no meetings in July or August.


  •  Meetings last about 2 hours.


  • Our normal meeting location for an in-person meeting is at the Centennial Lodge located in Queen's Park.
  • Some meetings may be via a ZOOM link, and those meetings will have a special notice.
Centennial Lodge in Queen's Park
New Westminster
Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave

What can I expect at a meeting?

Meeting format depends on the subject, however we pride ourselves in having an open, informal and friendly atmosphere. You will get to know your fellow members.

Our primary formats include:

Member Sharing
This is where members show a photography for group critiquing (don't worry, we're friendly!). The information helps you learn the strengths in your images, as well as get ideas and suggestions for improving them -- all opinions are helpful, you don't have to be an "old pro" to have an idea! We typically review one media type at a sharing night, e.g. digital or print. Usually the subject matter is open, but on occasion we will ask for images that follow some kind of theme (e.g "Winter" or "Black and White")

A few times a year the club holds internal competitions. This is a chance to submit your work to be judged against other members. It's more formal than "Member Sharing" but less formal than a CAPA judged event. It's a chance to get feedback from judges on how they perceive your images.


This is where a speaker (a member or an outside guest) talks about a specific technique that can be practiced during the meeting. For these kinds of meetings, members bring their camera equipment to the meeting.


These meetings will have one or more speakers who will talk in-depth about a photography related subject.
Member Teaching
These meetings are where members share a particular topic of interest to them with the rest of the club. Often they are short: 5 to 15 minutes. This gives you a chance at speaking to the club in an informal manner without the stress of having to prepare a lot of material. You can just talk, or illustrate your points with PowerPoint, prints, digital images or whatever visual aides you want to use.
We strive for a mix of topic material so that all experience levels and formats can find something of interest.

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