How I Saw It: Five (5) Locations in New Westminster

The event was held on February 20, 2024 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

This program gives us a reason to look around New Westminster and explore various photographic techniques. We are challenging members take your cameras to explore five different areas in New Westminster, and to share your favourite image from each location for our program.  Beyond the designated location, there is no limitation on composition, technique, subject, etc.  Let your creative vision out to play.

The target regions are

  1. Grimston Park
  2. Queens Park
  3. Columbia Street from 8th to 4th Street
  4. City Hall and surrounding area (Armory, Friendship Garden and Tipperary Park)
  5. East Columbia Street from Sherbrooke to Braid Street.

You may submit only one image per location.  So, the challenge will be to pick your favourite from among many., Images must be submitted to the faux competition by no later than 11:30 PM on February 18th

At the meeting we will share the images, and learn how different each one of us sees the "same" area. Please come prepared to share a bit of your experience and something about the making of your images. In order to facilitate organization the images for the meeting, please name your files location Indicator_image title, e.g., using the following abbreviations:

  1. Grimston Park  -  GR_Your Title
  2. Queens Park  -  QP_Your Title
  3. Columbia Street - Columbia_Your Title
  4. City Hall - City_Your Title
  5. Sapperton- Sapperton_Your Title

So, for example,  an image from East Columbia could be named:  EC_Traffic Jam, or one from Queens Park,  QP_Playground

Submit images to the faux competition - How I Saw It by February 18th.


Centennial Lodge Queen's Park

Queen's Park
New Westminster, BC V3L 1L7

Map to this location

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