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  1. Theme
    Place(s) of Worship (voting)Voting ends Jul 30, 2017

    Place(s) of worship can be a building, an in-home shrine, a spot in the woods, or anywhere else one goes to be religious, spiritual, or merely alone with one's thoughts. There's a lot of flexiblity in this theme. Feel free to include people if you like or focus solely on the place or a part of the place. 

  2. Theme
    New Theme OpensOpens Aug 1, 2017
    Details announced when theme opens
  3. Outing

    We will be shooting images at the Powell Street Festival around Oppenheimer Park.


    The Powell Street festival in the largest Japanese Canadian festival in the country and the longest running community arts celebration in Vancouver. This year's extravaganza includes a new interpretive installation entitled "Macro Maki", a special presentation on Japan's Third gender, a panel with two of Haruki Murakami's top translators, and a performance by the dynamic duo George and Noriko - a Japanese blues cowboy and Tsugaru samisen player from Melbourne, Australia.


    We can assemble at The Uncommon Cafe (477 Powell Street) at 1130am. The cafe is across the street from Oppenheimer Park.

    The festival runs from 1130-700.

    Other stops throughout the day to enjoy the festival can be:

    • Firehall Arts Centre - 280 E Cordova Street Vancouver
    • Japanese Language School & Hall - 475 Alexander Street Vancouver
    • Buddhist Temple - 220 Jackson Avenue


    Transit Users:

    • From New Westminster Station, board a Westbound Skytrain towards Waterfront by no later than 1015am.
    • Get off at Nanaimo Station
    • board the #7 Dunbar bus from Bay #4. It will depart the station at 11:01am
      and you can get off at Oppenheimer Park (Powell Street and Jackson Ave).
  4. Theme
    NumbersSubmissions due Aug 20, 2017

    This month's theme is Numbers. It doesn't matter what else appears in your photo, but there must be at least one number featured prominently. Here's a link to photos to inspire you https://www.theguardian.com/community/gallery/2016/feb/20/it-all-adds-up-readers-photos-on-the-theme-of-numbers 

  5. Meeting

    We return to the start of a new season, welcoming back old members and new. Please join us for another fun year of photography.


    • Themes Top 10

      • Numbers
      • Places of Worship
      • Be Your Self(ie): Creative Self Portraits
    • Other Items... TBD

    Meeting Location:

    Sep 5, 2017 at 7:30 PM
    Centennial Lodge in Queens Park
    New Westminster
    Enter from McBride or 1st St at 3rd Ave
    (Google Maps, New Westminster Queen's Park Map)
  6. Outing
    Burns Bog TourSep 16, 2017

    We will go on an interpretive nature walk and explore the beautiful Delta Nature Reserve - A public park on the border of Burns Bog. We will then continue for a tour of the unique ecosystem that is Burns Bog. Learn about: The importance of bogs and peatlands The History of Burns Bog - What a bog really is The story behind the infamous sunken tractor What is capable of surviving the harsh conditions of a bog Adapted flora and fauna First Nations use of the land Threats and Conservation


    Please RSVP to outings@nwphoto.org to show your interest in attending this outing. A reminder email will go out before our first meeting of September since we don't meet during the summer. The hope is to pre-register to get the lower admission price.


    The meetup spot is located at front entrance of Planet Ice Delta 10389 Nordel Court. The tour will start promply at 10am and go until 12pm. Transit Users:From New West Station, board an Eastbound "Expo Line Train to King George" by no later than 830am. Exit the train at Scott Road Station. Board the "640 Ladner Exchange" bus from Bay #7. Get off at Nordel Way and River Way and walk east on Nordel Court until you get to the main doors of Planet Ice. There is a maximum of 20 spots available for the tour. Pre-registeration lowers the price per to $8.00 per person. Drop in or day of pricing is $10.00 per person.

  7. Outing

    We will participate in a tour of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery to take advantage of the Parks Canada Pass that gives a reduced price during 2017 for the Canada 150 celebration.


    We can shoot at the cannery for 1.5-2.0 hours.  THe tour will be approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  We can then go and grab some fish and chips or something along the waterfront for lunch and then continue to shoot arount the waterfront before returning home. 


    Located at 12138 4th Ave in Steveston. The hours for the Cannery is 10-5. We can gather outside the Cannery at 9am. We will have a little under an hour to wander the waterfront before the doors open at 10am.  We will have the first tour of the day at 10am.

    The Cannery Coordinator had some information that she wanted to pass along to anyone who is going to join us.  If you are bringing a tripod, they need to remain with the photographer at all times.  They can not be left unattended.  The Coordinator also wants us to be mindful of the general public (Do not photograph them or block passageways).  Also a reminder to dress warmly.  The building is built over the Fraser River and can be about 5 degrees cooler than outdoors.  

    Admission for the tour will be $3.90 per person.  The fee is charged so there is someone available to lead the tour.  The fee is reduced during the Canada 150 celebrations through the Park Canada Pass.

    Transit Users:

    • From New West Station, board a Westbound SkyTrain for Waterfront by no later than 745am.
    • Exit the train at 22nd Street Station and board a "410 Railway" bus at Bay #7. The bus departs at 808am.
    • get off the bus in Steveston at 4th avenue and Chatham Street
    • it is a short walk to the Cannery.

    Since you will arrive at 9am, you will have some early morning time to wander Steveston and the waterfront before the Cannery opens at 10am.

  8. Outing
    Fort Langley 2.0Nov 5, 2017

  9. Outing
    ** PLease note that the schedule is not available so the date will change to coincide with the celebrations for the Holiday Train**


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