New Westminster Photography Club


This is a concept we are developing for the 2008-2009 year. Check back here over the coming months, as we start to post information here.

This page will be a collection of "photographic opportunities" or "photo-ops" submitted by our members.

What's the idea behind this?
Maybe you've been to tourist attractions where you see a sign that essentially says "take a photo here". Sometimes, when people are still building their confidence in their photographic skills, they need help in finding ideas on where to take photos and of what subjects. This page will be a collection of such information as suggested by our members. Some will be "technique" opportunities, outlining an "experiment" to try (for example, take a macro shot of a cookie?). Others will be locations (most local, but perhaps some in distant places) where members felt the scenery or subject matter was of particular interest. They will thus make a "take photo here" type suggestion to serve as a source of inspiration to others.


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