Kitchen Arachnid

7.8 / 5

By Kathy H

By Apr 27/2018


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    Like the creativity

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    Very neat effect .  I like the use of black and white..  

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    Title is well suited; looks like a  robotic arachnid   you wold see in a movie.  A very creative , dramatic and imaginative interpretation of the theme.  Great perspective and leading lines. as the eye moves from of the four prongs in the foreground  representing legs of the arachnid to the oval shape  and body of the arachnid.  Depth of field is excellent front to back. and the background is darkened to increase contrast so the  body of the arachnidout stands out.. 

    the black circles adds interest and gives substance to the  oval shape. 


    Maybe making the background a bit darker and softening it would make  the image even more dramatic and make the subject stand out more.  Otherwise a terrific image.

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    Very clever; A fun trompe d'oeil. The reflection turns the shapes and dots into a very cool abstract.  Very clever use of the spotted ground.  Definitely one of my favourites.