Shadow Play

7.5 / 6

By Brenda F

By Jan 25/2018


  1. Comment

    Great shadows!


    The triangle(s) aren't apparent.


    The triangles are part of the composition in that the lines form triangles across the image. There are a few vanishing points.

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    Lovely use of light and shadow

  3. Comment

    Love that high contrast, graphic punch.  Great use of the harsh light and hard shadows. 


    While I can see the triangles, the strongest shapes are rectangles.  Maybe another POV

  4. Comment

    Great long and deep shadows really add depth to an otherwise ordinary shot of an elevator door. The vertical lines are perfectly straight which allows every other line to  converge where they will. 


    I might have simplified the image even further by cropping the sides and only leaving the parallel shadows on the floor (remove the two leading toward the viewer) and shopped out the odd angle at the top or make it parallel.