Many Rays, but No Sunshine

6.1 / 7

By Geoffrey G

By Jan 06/2018


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    Strong interpretation of the theme.  Not only are the "subject" triangles, but the eye actually moves in a triangle to view the image.  Both composition and subject are triangular.  Great work!  Nice control of exposure. Good sky.  Monochrome conversion keeps the eye on line and shape.


    The image reads a bit dark  and a bit flat on my monitor.  Perhaps a touch more white, or push the contrast a bit.  I wouldn't worry about blowing out highlights a bit unless you plan to print.  It might give the image just a touch more pop.

  2. Comment

    The black and white gives it a broody feeling. 

    good sharpness throughout

  3. Comment

    A very obvious triangle composition against a nice dappled sky.


    Clone out the top two wires, add some contrast to create a more dramatic image.