Morning Long Exposure Photowalk with Glenn

Due to inclement weather Glenn has called off this outing. We will reschedule at a later date.


We are planning an early morning  long exposure session with the help of club member Glenn Marcus.  

We will be walking through False Creek trying out the techniques that Glenn will be discussing at the February 6th club meeting.

Tips from Glenn on what to bring with you:

  • Any camera that has the manual setting for Bulb. 
  • Any lens that you enjoy using for landscape pictures. But you can experiment and bring any other lens you feel comfortable working with.
  • A tripod. You must have a tripod to shoot long exposure.
  • A shutter release with timer.  If you have the shutter release with no timer, then have a watch with a second hand etc.
  • The eyepiece cover that came with your camera.  If you do not have the cover for the eyepiece, bring some black tape.  If you have mirrorless, then you will use your back View Panel.  
  • If you have ND filters, bring them. Glenn will have a set available depending on lens sizes that people bring with them.